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Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
1 After the Dream
10.00 81 14
After the Dream is an online graphic novel about an underworld conspiracy and the lives that it touches. Comments
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2 Villain
10.00 59 11

ďArenít we all a little villainous?Ē

This is a tale of revenge. Villain tells the story of Matthew Ford on his quest to destroy the heroes of Legend City.
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3 School Spirit
6.88 58 10

The misadventures of a gaggle of Australian primary school kids, the cemetery next door, and the spirits who still live there. An Australian webcomic for the young at heart.
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4 Casey At The Bat
10.00 58 10

A Gay themed webcomic that follows the adventures of Casey and his buddies as they navigate life, love... and sports!
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5 Baujahr!
10.00 51 59

Join Baujahr and the only one who likes him, Jeff,on their long journeys through Levi's World and other strange landscapes,in a seemingly endless escapade full of weirdness and half-smoked cigarettes
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6 Wayrift Fantasy Webcomic
8.44 39 23

Now in FULL COLOR! Archive of 1000+ pages of fantasy humor, adventure, romance and friendship. The site features fan works, forum, an active community and more! Updates M/W/F without fail!
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7 Zos Kias
10.00 34 10

Being a part of the gatekeeper's special clean-up crew is never easy! From vampires to new magick users,there is never any time for breaks! But, the fighting is the easiest part about it...

Join in twice a week to follow Umishin and Light's adventures
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8 Negative One
6.45 27 9

A heartfelt, text-heavy character-oriented drama. Meri Lin and Fred are new parents who have to learn to take care of a baby with special powers. Adele is a prophet sent from another dimension.
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9 Strangebeard
8.00 26 15

Strangebeard is the tale of Jenny Brigham, the world's deadliest pirate who also happens to be a twelve-year-old girl.
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10 Henchmen for Hire
NR 15 11
Henchmen for Hire is a webcomic about three normal guys who hire themselves out as help for super villains in a superhero - comic book world. It's an ongoing story updating Mondays Comments
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11 Akacya : The Bounty Hunter
10.00 13 14
X21E4 (A.K.A North America) 2155.

The technology is now highly advanced on Earth.
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12 Harkovast
8.95 11 22
In the world of Harkovast, magical races battle for survival against the Nameless armies of the West. Betrayals, intrigue, warfare and unrelenting bloodshed will determine the fate of all nations. Comments
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13 Ed Mann Walking
10.00 9 10
Ed's a college student in L.A. trying to make his way back home to his family in New York. The only thing standing in his way is a zombie apocalypse. Comments
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14 Impure Blood
9.57 6 10
An enslaved gladiator jumps at the chance for freedom when a young woman offers to help him escape. In a world where everyone has a hidden agenda, the price may be more than he is willing to pay. Comments
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15 Elia in a BOX
6.23 5 11
Comics by Elia about Elia's life in perspective. Kinda. Comments
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16 With Fetus
NR 3 5
With Fetus is a wecomic set in an abortion clinic dealing with a variety of related issues. Updating Monday through Friday by D. Murphy & Emily Ansara Baines. Comments
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17 So You Write
10.00 3 15
A comic about the often incomprehensible experience of being a writer. Comments
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18 Spying with Lana
8.83 2 18
Spying with Lana follows the harrowing missions of sexy superspy Lana. And the dumb missions. And the pointless missions. And the humiliating, stupid missions.... Comments
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19 Pobre Pucho
NR 1 7
Have you ever seen a Culpeo Fox before? well neither have i, but i have heard of one, Pucho the culpeo fox, who seems to never get his nose out of funny situations, see Pucho and his friends in this f Comments
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20 Green Eyes
NR 1 11
Green Eyes are single page comics on the simple things in life. Comments
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21 Roleplayin Gamer
NR 1 6
Roleplayin Gamer is a webcomic about the best RPGs and crazy funny situations in rpgs as the main characters, Hrist

& Lenneth and others venture thouh their favorite RPGs as themselves and live Role
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22 Imitation Cat
NR 0 13
an eight-nippled adventure comic Comments
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23 The Acryden
9.50 0 12
A tale about demons, aliens, love, and intergalactic treasure hunting. Comments
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24 Observe to Exist
NR 0 7
A daily comic, where jokes happen. Updates 5 days a week, Mon-Fri Comments
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25 Reynard City
NR 0 9
Download issues of Reynard City to your computer, smart phone and ebook reader. If you liked Thundercats, Ninja Turtles and Earthworm Jim imagine them but with a psychic fox who inflates on contact wi Comments
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