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WebComic Super 100 List

Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
1 Parasite Galaxy
NR 10 1
An experimental anime styled story about two unusual magical girls trying to save the universe from a giant cow, its more complicated then it sounds. Comments
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2 Kikonrar
NR 8 7
Kikonrar follows a group of teens in a hyper-technological world that has shunned magic due to its role in the destruction of ancient civilizations. Comments
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3 Schizmatic
NR 6 1
Schizmatic is a webcomic of intelligent weirdness based on blueprint schematics applied to actual life. It puts the cosmos under a microscope, and reality under analysis -- goodness knows it needs it. Comments
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4 The Green Eyed Sniper - A Sho(r)t Story
NR 6 0
The story of a sharp shooter with a target she'd rather miss.

A sci-fi story loaded with love, action, drama and humor, focused on lethal secrets and women loving women.
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5 Out of My Element
9.20 3 3
A steampunk based webcomic that tells the tale of a young noble woman named Jillian who gets herself caught up in a revolution between a group of misfits and the powers that run the city of Cog. Comments
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